Marvin Sum

Product designer. Digital nomad. Minimalist.

Hey, that's me.

About Me

Hello, I'm a product designer living in New York City. I work at Palantir, where I get to create incredible software to fight human trafficking, financial fraud and other difficult problems. Previously, I did UI design at Foodspotting, a San Francisco-based startup that was eventually acquired by OpenTable. Prior to that, I kickstarted several e-commerce projects in South-East Asia.

I consider myself somewhat of a digital nomad, having lived in 4 different cities over the last 10 years. I value experiences over possessions and have always tried to live that way. Outside of work, I'm passionate about minimalism, photography and travel. I also play the keyboard and help Hillsong NYC with their audio production needs.


I'm not looking for new opportunities at this time, but feel free to reach me on your favorite social channel. I love connecting with interesting people who are working on meaningful things.